Our Factory

Dowell Kitchen Cabinet is a renowned manufacturer of high-quality kitchen cabinets, and its state-of-the-art factory is located in Long Island, New York. The factory boasts advanced machinery and technology, including Homag machineries, such as CNC, Beam Saws, and Edgebanders, as well as a CRM/ERP management software system.

The Homag CNC is a computer-controlled machine used for the precise cutting, drilling, and milling of wood and other materials. This advanced technology enables Dowell to produce cabinets with incredibly accurate cuts and shapes, ensuring a perfect fit and finish for each cabinet.

The Homag Beam Saws in Dowell’s factory are utilized for cutting large panels of wood and other materials into smaller, more manageable pieces. These machines make quick and precise cuts, helping streamline the manufacturing process and improving efficiency.

The Homag Edgebanders are essential in applying edge banding, a thin strip of material glued to the edges of the cabinet panels to give them a finished appearance. Dowell’s edgebanders enable them to do this efficiently and quickly, resulting in a high-quality, professional-looking cabinet.

The factory’s use of a CRM/ERP software management system streamlines and optimizes its manufacturing process. This system integrates various aspects of the manufacturing process, from inventory management to production scheduling, ensuring maximum efficiency and quality control.